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Conferences and events

Past events

Israel’s New Centers Fair

Today's pioneers, tomorrow's entrepreneurs, at the Israel New Centers Fair.
10 July, 2019 17:00
Sderot rokah 80, Tel Aviv

The Negev 2048 Partners Meeting

A solemn meeting with the Negev Council and dozens of partners and Negev partners in which the joint work products are presented together.
17 June, 2019 17:30
Hahagana 30, Beer Sheva

The Second Meeting of the Galilee 2048 Partners

Meeting No. 2 of the 2048 Galilee Partners - a joint move of the Israel 2048 Partnership and the Northern Reserves Center.
7 April, 2019 16:30
Araba City Hall, 2nd floor

The “Centennial Group” Meeting

Dozens of Israeli Economy Seniors - Gather a Celebratory Sign on the Principles of Vision "Israel 2048 - Shared Future"
14 March, 2019 14:30
Sderot rokah 80, Tel Aviv

The first meeting of the Galilee affiliates

Dozens of key people from the Galilee region gathered to formulate initiatives for the future of the Galilee as part of the "Israel 2048 - Shared Future" process.
4 March, 2019 14:00
The high-tech park Bar-Lev

The Second Meeting of the Negev Partners

Don't wait, plan. Today we gathered for the third time, partners and key people in our area to continue ...
26 February, 2019 14:00
Hahagana 30, Beer Sheva

Meeting of experts

Agree on a long-term planning concept for the new centers
6 November, 2018 15:00
Cramim Hotel, Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim, Jerusalem

“Israel 2048 ” Conference

Conference of the "Israel 2048-Shared Future" initiative at the Hebrew University, led by Professor Shlomo Hasson our dear partner.
15 April, 2018 14:00
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sderot society conference

Highlights of the "Israel 2048 Shared Future" program and the vision for a better and stronger future in Israel, through three independent and prosperous life centers - Negev, Galilee and Central.
5 March, 2018 19:00

Centennial Group’s First Meeting

Centenary Group Meeting # 1, when need and opportunity meet.
15 February, 2018 14:30
Sderot rokah 80, Tel Aviv