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About three years ago, we embarked on a journey in search of a unifying story of the State of Israel, of all its people, in various sectors, in an attempt to promote a reality of prosperity in the present, while looking ahead to the country’s centennial year.

The driving force to promote and develop the project came from the people we recruited to the vision: opinion leaders, visionaries, professional bodies and key individuals. The following is a partial list:

Avi Buchbut

Chairman, Student Union Kay College

Avi Cohen

CEO, Ministry of Social Equality

Avner Ackerman

Urban Engineers Union, Netanya Urban Engineer

Avrahim Haviv

Head of Regional Development, Economic Development Authority, Ministry of Social Equality

Avraham Katz-Oz

Chairman Council for a Beautiful Israel

Avraham Menala

CEO Tel Aviv Burial Society

Aharon Karish

Head Amitim Program Maoz

On Rifman

Deputy CEO Hashomer HaChadash

Ori Ilan

Chairman Northern Planning Committee Planning Council

Uri Gabbai

Head of Strategy and Economics Division Renewal Authority

Uri Ginosar

Media Personality

Ori Herman

Former Senior Department Head Israel’s Future Prime Minister’s Office

Uri Ramon

Head Deshe Institute

Uri Pinto

CEO Western Negev Cluster

Eyal Rize

Deputy Head of Asher Regional Council

Eyal Shviki

Chief of Staff The Jewish Agency

Ayelet Frisch

Frisch Strategic Consulting, Ltd

Aiman Seif

Former Director of the Authority for Economic Development of the Minorities sector

Ilan Cohen

Former CEO Prime Minister’s Office

Iris Hann

Chairman, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

Dr. Iris Nechemia

Senior Division Head Strategic Planning and Policy Civil Service Commission

Itzik Dvash

Social Entrepreneur

Alon Goldstein

Deputy CEO “Yediot Aharonot” Group

Alona Bar-on

Chairperson Globes

Eli Paley

Chairman, Haredi Institute for Polity Studies

Elinor Caftori


Ami Plamor

CEO Ministry of Justice

Amir Ginosar

Head of Export and Sales Promotion Overseas Trade Center Ministry of Agriculture

Amir Levi

Former Head Budget Division Ministry of Finance

Amnon Ben-Dahan

Infrastructure and Environnent Consultant

Prof. Amnon Frenkel

Architecture and Urban Construction Technion

Osnat Elroi

Deputy Head National Housing Staff Ministry of Finance

Erez Eshel

Founder Leadership Colleges

Erez Meltzer

Chairman Board of Directors Hadassah Medical Center

Arik Adler

Treasurer City of Bnei Brak

Asher Katz

Soldier Nuclei

Eti Luzzato

Businesswoman and Social Activist

Boaz Dan

Manager Elad Theater

Bella Alexandrov

Chairperson Eretz Ir

Benny Biton

Chairman Development Towns Forum Mayor of Dimona

Guy Kav-Venaki

Head of Implementation Local Committees

Prof. Golan Shachar

Clinical medical phycologist

Gida Rinawi Zoabi

Head, Ingaz Center for Local Authorities Promotion in Arab Society

Gal Gavriel

CEO Merhav

Galit Cohen

Deputy CEO Planning and Policy Ministry of Environmental Protection

Dr. David Burg

Shamir Research Institute

David Lefler

Chairman, Regional Planning and Construction Committee, Southern Region

Prof. David Passig


Doron Livnat

Entrepreneur and Social Activist

Dorit Noveck

CEO Yad VaShem

Dotan Rotam

Open Areas Ecologist Nature and Parks Authority

Dalit Zilber

Head Planning Administration

Danny Atar

Chairman, JNF

Daniel Birnbaum

CEO Soda Stream

Drorit Wertheim

Businesswoman and Philanthropist

Hadas Lahav

Head of Story, Telling and Creative Maoz

Hila Beinish

CEO The Israel Council for Green Construction

Victor Weiss

Senior Deputy Accountant-General Ministry of Finance

Victor Weiss

CEO Heschel Center

Vered Solomon-Maman

Architect Ministry of Construction and Housing

Zeev Beilsky

Head National Housing Staff

Chai Badara

Deputy CEO Ministry for Social Equality

Chaim Feiglin

CEO Tzemach Hammerman

Tal El-Al

Deputy Mayor Beer Sheva

Tal Freiman

Strategic Consultant

Tal Sheinbrum

CEO Student Union

Yair Tal

CEO Dira Lehaskir

Dr. Yair Shindell

Founder of Maoz

Chief Inspector Yehuda Keisi

Research and Strategic Officer Strategy Department Israel Police

Yonatan Cohen Litent

Planner Northern Region

Dr. Yoav Heller

CEO Maoz

Dr. Yoav Lerman

Institute for Urban and Regional Studies

Yuval Admon

Head of Strategy Division National Economics Council

Yuval Borenstein

Former CEO Azrieli Group

Yuval Carmi

Urban Mathematics and Transportation Models

Prof. Eugene Kandel

Start-up Nation Central

Yohan Atlan

CEO Negev Council

Yoni Weitzman

Deputy CEO Bonei Haaretz Association

Yoni Navo

Founder Cimagine

Yoram Ariav

Former CEO Ministry of Finance

Yariv Mann

Senior Department Head for Economic and Social Development in the Negev Bedouin Society Ministry of Agriculture

Dr. Yitzchak Aharonowitz

Planner Mandel Institute for Leadership in the Negev

Yisrael Goldschmidt

Kikar HaShabbat

Li Kahaner

Social geographer

Lior Horev

CEO Horev Investments and Strategic Consultant

Lior Finkle Perl

Deputy CEO Civil Leadership

Lial Malkohitz

Chairman, National Student and Youth Council

Lilach Geva

CEO Katzrin Council

Liron Peled

Israel 2048 Program

Maya Hoffman Levi

CEO Dell Development Center EMC Beer Sheva

Meir Perry

Senior Division Head Strategy, Planning and Policy Israel Lands Authority

Mark Zruck

Organizational Consultant

Dr. Muhammed Alnebari

Head Local Council Chora

Chief Superintendent Maya Ziso

Head of Research and Policy Unit Strategy Department Israel Police

Michael Walla

Head Social Development and Planning Division Tel-Aviv-Yafo

Michal Gelbart

Chairperson Future Mobility

Michal Reikin

Head Hakama Atudot North

Mickey Kliger

CEO Edmond de Rothschild Israel

Miri Shmueli

Senior Head Policy Division Ministry of Economics and Industry

Mansour A-Sena

Urban Planner

Menashe Sagiv

CEO Real Estate Clal Industries

Mahmud Alemor

CEO Economic Company Rahat

Dr. Moshe Helinger

Senior Lecturer and Deputy Political Science Department Head Bar Ilan University

Moshe Hershkowitz

Head Israel 2048 Program

Nassin Hadad Hag Yichye

Head Jewish-Arab Relations Program The Israel Institute for Democracy

Nir Brill

Deputy Head National Economic Council

Noa Ayal

Ruach Hagalil

Prof. Nurit Alfasi

Head of Urban Planning Department Ben Gurion University

Nurit Tzur Rabino

CEO Eastern Galilee Cluster

Neta Li Bizauy Sharabi

Association Relations Coordinator National Student Union

Nir Engart

Head Planning Department Nature and Parks Authority

Nir Papai

Deputy CEO Environment and Nature Preservation Nature Preservation Society

Major General (Res.) Nimrod Shefer

Israel Aeronautics Industry

Naama Ohr

Strategic Consultant BELONG

Naama Sikoler

Editor Globes

Netanel Lapidot

Senior Division Head Strategic Planning Ministry of Construction and Housing

Dr. Saara Abu Kef

Ben Gurion University

Sonya Masoud

Head of Business Development in Arab Society Daliot

Sigal Vidman

Strategic and Organizational Consultant

Sigal Kanotopsky

CEO Olim Byahad Association

Sigal Shelach

CEO Joint Israel

Adi Aharoni

Chairperson, Student Union Ben Gurion University

Adi Taani

CEO Facebook

Adiel Shomron

Head Israel Land Administration

Edna Pardo

Statutory Consultation and Planning

Ohz Katz

Head Industry Administration Ministry of Economics and Induisrty

Uzi Tavshush

Chairman, Economic Corporation Ramat Negev

Uzi Levi

Vice President WEREWORK Real Estate Israel

Omri Dagan

Senior Department Head Civil Service Cadets

Ofi Zisser

Strategic Consultant

Einav Ringler

Senior Division Head Planning Promotion and Auditing Israel Lands Authority

Amir Ritov

Head Lev HaSharon Regional Council

Anit Granak

Head of Development Russel Bari Foundation

Inbar Giti

CEO Pnima

Inbar Weiss

Architect CEO Ruach Hadasha

Eran Tal

CEO Hyperlife

Eran Shalev

Managing Partner KPMG

Pinny Sukenik

Founder and Chairperson “Asher Telchi” Association

Pinchas Kahane

Urban and Regional Planner Economist

Kali Cohen

CEO Scouts

Keren Zilberman Shavit

Founder and Head Israel Region IDEA International

Prof. Rassam Hamisi

Urban Planner and Geographer

Prof. Rivka Karmi

Former President of Ben Gurion University

Roni Hizkiyahu

Accountant-General Ministry of Finance

Roni Palmar

OR Movement

Rut Fromm-Aricha

Head Planning Authority Ministry of Agriculture

Raceli Inbenbaum

Haredi Society Division Head Shaharit Institute

Dr. Rena Dagani

CEO Geocartography Group

Ram Almog

Head of Planning and National Projects Ministry of Environmental Protection

Raaya Strauss-Ben Dror

Businesswoman and Philanthropist

Raanan Kaspin

Chairman Merchav Association

Rafi Elmaliach

Senior Division Head Planning and Development Israel Lands Authority

Shaul Goldstein

CEO Nature and Parks Authority

Sagi Shahar

Founder “Nachshonim”

Shai Bazak

CEO Israel Leadership Forum

Shai Li Speigelman

Head of Staff Digital Israel

Shir Mordechai

Chairman, Student Union Hebrew University

Shilo Adler

Chairman, Judea and Samaria Council

Shlomi Yechiav

Chairman National Student Union

Prof Shlomo Hasson

Head Shasha Center Hebrew University

Prof.Shammai Asif

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Construction Technion

Shmuel Ben Dror

Businessman, Philanthropist

Shmuel Yelma

Founder and Chairman Jerusalem Forum for Extending the Story of Jerusalem

Shimon Axelrod

Chairman, Student Union Tel Chai College

Shimon Farhang

CEO Landuse

Shimon Leibman


Sharon Ben Tzvi

Deputy CEO Marketing Meshulam Levinstein Construction Group

Adv. Tom Lahad

Deputy CEO Maoz

Tomer Gutholf

Southern Region Planner Planning Administration

Tamar Ish Shalom

Anchor Channel 10 News

Tamar Keinan

CEO Transportation “Hayom Umachar”

Adv. Tamar Shahori

CEO Youth Center Association

TASC, Ltd.

Deloitte, Ltd