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We live in one of the State of Israel’s most beautiful eras in terms of prosperity and capabilities. This is a historical point in which we are obliged to take responsibility and the opportunity to plan and build the next chapter in the story of the State, based on strength, broad perspective and vision.

The population of Israel is growing at a unique rate and is expected to reach about 17 million inhabitants, with 13 million people living between Nazareth and Kiryat Gat, while only 4 million are expected to reside in the Negev and the Galilee.

In light of the trends observed, the leadership potential and the supporting research – the Negev and the Galilee are fertile ground for growth on a national scale.

The Vision

The State of Israel will maximize its growth potential, thriving in a variety of areas of life in all regions, and for all its inhabitants.

The Target

The Negev and the Galilee will become national growth engines and self-sustainable centers of life that will become a magnet to attract a population that seeks quality of life and opportunities for value-based self-fulfillment in Israel.

The Goal

At the country’s centennial, the Negev and the Galilee will become two additional centers and be home to 8 million people, 3.5 million in the Negev and 4.5 million in the Galilee (including Haifa).

One country. Three centers.

The Plan: To develop and populate the Negev and the Galilee, so that they become independent and prosperous centers of life, which will create a magnet for a population seeking quality of life and opportunities for self-fulfillment and will serve as an engine for national development and growth.


The work plan focuses on four main areas that will demand most of the land, budget and time, planning and implementation: housing, transportation, employment, and environment. Alongside the four main areas, the plan will produce a relative advantage in development towns and in the Arab and Ultra-Orthodox cities, in the aspects of education, culture and health, in order to reduce gaps and constitute a catalyst for growth.

The Partnership – The Centennial Group

The Centennial Group is the driving force to promote and develop the project coming from key people and leading organizations in Israel: government representatives, local authorities, business sector, social sector, leading financiers and philanthropists, senior academics from various disciplines, media professionals, planning agencies and more. The partnership, and the people who comprise it, will represent all the sectors and sub-populations in Israel, have the highest level of political, legal, and media power and the most ability to perform and influence.