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Collective Impact

A socio-organizational plan that supports urban development processes and helps create a positive demographic change in the city. The social process is focused on attracting new populations that will integrate into the city and lead to changes and position the city as high-quality and attractive. The purpose of the process Creating cooperation between members from […]

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Impact Groups

From the beginnings of development in the Land of Israel, the notion of a “seed group”, or an impact group, was perceived as vital; today, too, Impact Groups are a valuable tool in the ability to carry out development programs. A group of individuals or families, who organize together into a joint community, can overcome […]

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The “Vital Neighborhood”

The “Vital Neighborhood” is an innovative development model, which brings the rural development approach to the heart of the urban space, while maintaining the benefits of each. It’s a unique form of urban renewal, which provides a response to the basic needs of most people – including social opportunities, personal security, access to green spaces, […]

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Equitable Cities

The “Equitable City” plan focuses on the development of cities in the periphery on a number of levels: reducing social gaps, increasing residential demand, and encouraging urban growth, together with the creation of a platform for realizing the image of a prosperous future. All these will be a magnet that will attract new and diverse […]

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